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Trump Prepaid

Trump is APS smart, secure and scalable Prepaid Card solution.

  • Consolidate & Control

    Enterprises, using ``Trump``, can offer their customers a way to electronically consolidate their expenses, control spending at a granular level, and exclude fraud.

  • Uncomplicated Order Process

    Customers are introduced to a hassle free order process where they can order multiple cards, make consolidated payments and leave instructions on the distribution of money to these cards, all through a central interface. These cards can then be used to buy products or download more money from the system.

  • Secure Payments

    Trump payments are secure and without the need to handle cash, these payments act as deterrent to personal fraud.

  • High Customer Retention

    Trump makes it possible to identify enterprise's high value customers through their transaction data and can help satisfy and retain these customers.

Trump Prepaid

  • RFID / Smart Card based custom identification
  • Instant or Approval based customer registration process
  • One Payment – Multi Card model for corporate customers

Trump Loyalty

  • Track most valuable customer; on the basis of Recency, Frequency and Monetary configurations
  • Reward identified customers at EOM Cycles or during the transaction
  • Launch customer group specific online discount schemes and promotions

Trump Merchant

  • Card Money/ Recharged at ME counter
  • Units on the Card changed at ME counter
  • Configurability to control ME / TE behavior