Smart Processing Capabilities

Autope Payment Solutions smart processing capabilities offer dynamic and automatic transaction routing between multiple acquiring banks, covering any fail-overs. This assures maximum success rate and almost 0% drop errors. We understand how frustrating it could be for merchants to lose a customer during the checkout process. That is why we aim to help you draw significantly increased conversion rates for your business. With server uptime consistency, averaging over 99.98% availability, you can rely on our platform and the fully-capable, fault-tolerant network it runs on.

SMS Payments are rapidly becoming popular amongst the users. Using SMS payments people can already buy Coca Cola in Europe, postage stamps or books in Denmark, burgers in Finland, and travel tickets in Tokyo, Paris and Rome. SMS payments allow you to expand the customer reach enormously as almost everyone has a mobile phone these days.

Multi Currency Processing

Autope Payment Solutions Multi-Currency Payment solution lets merchants offer their international customers the ability to pay in their own currency. Autope can help you accept payments in USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, AED and many more international currency types so that you can confidently penetrate international markets, making your business truly global.

Multi-currency payment solutions facilitates merchants with enhanced customer services and attracts more international customers. Merchants, at the same time, continue to enjoy online reporting and receive funding in their own currency.

Iframe Integration

Our exclusive feature of frame Integration enables you to accept online payments on your own checkout page without having to be PCI compliant. Instead of being directed to a Autope Payment Solutions hosted payment page, your customers will remain on your website to make payments. However, at the back-end, Autope Payment Solutions will securely collect the payment information and get it authorized for you.

This feature helps you to minimize payment hops and enables customers to make payment without leaving your website. No sensitive card data is collected or stored on your website. Autope Payment Solutions will manage all of that for you. Your business in turn can benefit from reduced PCI DSS compliance cost and requirements

Recurring Payments

Any merchant or business that would like to charge the same amount to the same payment card on a regular basis can do so with automated recurring billing without the customer having to enter the payment details each time.

Some examples of recurring payments are memberships that require dues, subscriptions that need to be renewed and utility payments. With Autope Payment Solutions, you can easily create and manage flexible recurring payments that are convenient for you and your customers. Our efficient payment platform offers the best online solutions for recurring payments and subscription models.

Inhouse Risk Management

Our Risk Management Tools help our customers to track every transaction and gives real-time results in case of frauds. The risk – management tool has features like email address check, mobile number check,IP address tracking, Device id identifications, BIN validations etc. We offer a combined service of fool proof system check as well as trained fraud analysts, keeping an eye on every transaction passing through our system.

Multi Lingual payment page

Enhance the user experience for your diversified customer base by setting up the payment page language preferences. Let your customers undergo a localized shopping experience, with our multi-lingual payment page feature. It is beneficial for those customers who wish to read the content part of the website in their native language. Using multilingual payment page, you can reach global customers. Use Autope Payment Solutions customized payment page to address the growing global market requirements.

Multi Channel Solutions


Oversee all your transactions ( in-store, mobile or online) with our transaction management platform. Through this you can keep track of the inflow in your account with simpler security certification.


Increase conversion, Amplify your business into new markets, customize payment page as per your business requirement and make it a convenient experience for your patronage as well as customers.


With Autope Payment Solutions responsive website, now your customers can make payment easily through their mobile phones. Yes, it is that easy with us.


The Autope Payment Solutions MPOS Payment solution is the fastest, most secure and the convenient way to make payments through your mobile while you are on move around the world.


Our Point of Sale solutions can help you get payments from your customers in a secured and efficient way.

Shopping Cart Integration

Autope Payment Solutions offers quick integration solutions for businesses that use popular e-commerce plugins and integrated shopping carts with their e-stores. Integrating a shopping cart feature on your website lets your customers shop on the go. It is easy to incorporate and can easily be used, simply add preferred products to the cart by clicking on “Add to Cart” button. You can also customize the cart design and color as per your website’s look. We offer multiple plugins that make implementing payments on your website easy. We support all leading shopping carts like Magento, phpCart, WHMCH, WordPress, Zencart .net, Shopify and many more.