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Zero Human Intervention Cards for Safe Metro Travel

As the Delhi Metro prepares to resume services in the capital, AutoPe has introduced a new Zero Human Intervention card for DMRC that makes traveling not only hassle-free but also safer. These contactless AutoPe cards offer an auto top-up feature and are supported by auto-debit facility for recurring payments, allowing commuters the freedom from standing in long queues to recharge their metro cards and yet enjoy a seamless travel experience.

The AutoPe service can be availed by registering your card on the AutoPe app or website and linking them to your bank / credit card / UPI account. Once the account is linked and verified, the auto top-up feature will be activated, and so whenever the balance in the card will fall below Rs 100, it will be recharged with Rs 200 automatically while tapping it at the entry gate itself (Automatic Fare Collection gate).

This eliminates the step of manually validating (or topping up) the online recharge at the Add Value Machine (AVM) physically at the metro station, thus making AutoPe the first zero human intervention card in India for traveling.

How Will the New Cards Work?

The new AutoPe cards work on the model of one-time setup, followed by absolute automation. They need to be registered on the AutoPe app or website and linked to your bank / credit card / UPI account. Once the mandate is set up, they can be used across metro stations with zero physical intervention. As the card balance falls below the threshold, it will be automatically recharged, and the value of the recharge will be auto-debited from your linked account subsequently.

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Delhi Metro Card Recharge

AutoPe Personalized Metro Cards

The AutoPe cards have been developed to offer you an enhanced experience, with customizable features. When you order your AutoPe card you can choose to personalize it by adding your photo and name to it at an additional cost of Rs 150. This may also help locate your card in case you misplace it in the metro station.

AutoPe Delhi Metro Card Benefits

If you thought Contactless Cards and Automated Recharges were all that we had to offer, you are up for a pleasant surprise. We offer a host of features for you to unlock, which definitely place AutoPe on your list of essential items during these difficult times.

Additional 5% discount on each top-up

Free Home Delivery of Cards

Personalization on Cards

No more queues to recharge card

No need to track usage of card

Online Delhi Metro Smart Card Recharge

AutoPe User Journey

Check how we have changed the landscape of booking tickets, saving time for payments, and maximizing customer retention.

Your Metro Card is just that. Your AutoPe Card is much more.

If safety, social distancing, convenience and the freedom to go carefree about recharges sound attractive to you, then you will love the new AutoPe Metro Card.