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About Us

AutoPe Payment Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a dream of passion and innovation with the sole vision of bridging the gap between a business and the ease of doing business through technology. Co-founded by Anurag Bajpai and Pankaj Gambhir with a team of hand-picked technocrats, experienced in open source technologies, AutoPe soon specialized in building scalable technology solutions in the business domains of Payments, Microfinance, Telecom and ERP.

We believe in creating and moulding technologies that make our lives and those of our clients easy. In this line we have developed and optimised processes of payments that minimize dropouts and make the digital experiences on client websites/apps seamless. This has led us to create our first consumer-facing digital tool, AutoPe – that takes the experience of hassle-free payments to the next level, by automating the entire process through bank mandates.

We value and abide by the national vision of putting our best foot forward to create an independent business environment that promotes entrepreneurial spirit among new businesses. Through our tech solutions, we offer our clients the freedom to focus on their core expertise, as we ensure a smooth run of the technology.

Team AutoPe

We are proud of our enormously talented team of motivated individuals, who share our values of integrity and smartness. Each member of the team – from senior industry stalwarts to the fresh out- of-college interns – functions as an integral cog of this larger vision.